2016 Technology Predictions

December 15th, 2015

So what will we see in the next year?

Our 2016 technology predictions cover everything from wareable technology, improvements in secuirty and Virtual Reality... Thats right Virtual Reality is here!### **Virtual and Augmented Reality.

2016 Technology Predicitions


Our first prediction for 2016 is Virtual and augmented reality making it's way ever closer to the mainstream. Keep your eyes peeled for the HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, PlayStation VR, Samsung Gear VR and more. There's also the matter of smaller firms getting into the VR and AR space, and with more room to roam look out for inventive headsets and all-new experiences from companies you've probably never heard of. Of course, with all these VR and AR hardware options we expect there to be more in the way of 360- degree video capture (GoPro more than likely leading the way) ### Everything Security.

2016 will continue to focus on security for every aspect of IT. From networking security to physical access security, each organisation will continue to ‘catch-up’ on the topic, and will make huge investments to secure their information and prove they have taken every means possible to attempt to do so. Most importantly, in 2016 organisations will likely begin to pro-actively speak about the extreme lengths they are going to secure their data, rather than trying to defend their actions after the fact. Windows 10 and Windows Hello bring greater security and simplicity are a great option for those looking secure their business. ### The rise of co-location and cloud.

Several years ago Fortune 500 companies were still talking about building new data centres. They had budget and projects underway to break ground and create new space for their in-house IT. Those days and construction projects are all but gone today. In any case, data centre space is at a premium and the choices available are wide in range. For 2016, new co-location providers will come onto the scene, and existing providers will continue to build new structures in more markets. ### **Internet of Things gets practical.

2016 predictions


  The Internet of Things (IoT) has come from concept to reality quickly, but many still ask what does ‘connected’ mean and why should they connect everything? The key in 2016 is the Internet of Things will provide the telemetry to allow these devices (and a trillion more) to report without having to work too hard. It could potentially usher in an age of ‘predictive living’, where organisations can anticipate potential issues far in advance of what was possible before. The long-term benefits in terms of boosting productivity and making smart business decisions will be profound.   ### Self-drives Are Go.

Mercedes has been ahead of the curve when it comes to autonomous car development, and it's set to further discuss its "latest advances in the connected car of the future and the road to autonomous driving" at CES 2016. We could be in for some meaty announcements on the self-driving front, or merely an update and/or forecast that's light on specifics but heavy on enthusiasm. Expect a good dose of in-car connectivity talk as that's likely to be what Mercedes wants to focus on to contrast from competitors.