AMA's top predictions for 2015

February 15th, 2015

Yes, it’s that time of year again. Everyone who’s got an opinion will be telling the world and his dog about their predictions for 2015... Our number 1 top pick is Cloud adoption, If you haven't heard of Cloud Computing where have you been for the last year. Without a doubt Cloud technology is on the rise. Expect to see more in terms of moving workloads to the cloud. Also expect to see more utilities running against data to be handled in the cloud, including enterprise search, file auditing, antivirus. Enterprise architects will have to think about how to enable this transition in a secure, reliable, and cost-efficient manner.

cloud computing

....So Why Would'nt you move your business to the Cloud?...? It's all about security, concern over the security of putting data in a cloud could be a huge gating factor to adoption. But once companies realize that just as it’s impossible to have a foolproof on-premises server room (or company-owned data center), and that there is no 100 percent guarantee that any given cloud is a fortress, they can get down to business. Cloud technology is secure and is already used by thousands upon thousands of businesses. Once realistic expectations are set companies can focus on assessing risks and mitigating them in the smartest way. With the growing realization that security must be approached in a multilayered way, with assessment and testing happening continuously, and with growing emphasis on proactively building better security into the applications themselves, we can all get on with our lives and migrate to Cloud services. For a list of Cloud services we offer click Here. Cloud Telephony, is also expected to be on the rise. Offering low costs with all the features of a high end telelphone system it is sure to be a huge success. To find out more about cloud telephony click**here** To find out more about cloud technology and to start your cloud migration email: sales@ama-it.comBack to Blog posts