April Fools best Tech hoaxes.

April 15th, 2015

The Best Tech Hoaxes we've ever seen...

Toshiba TubeTop

Toshiba tends to do at least one April Fools' joke every year. In 2010, for instance, it advertised an inflatable laptop that you could use in the bath, the pool, or anywhere you like. All you had to do was hold down Ctrl + Alt+ P+U+M+P. [youtube]UbQO0659V5w[/youtube]   ##### Google Autocompleter

Not content with owning the Internet, Google shot off a volley of April Fool's gags in 2011, but the best of the bunch was a job application for a Google Autocompleter. Out of all the acted-out April Fools' Day movies, this one was probably the most natural, if not the most believable. [youtube]6uZVqPuq81c[/youtube] ##### Google Glass Solo

Say hello to the Google Glass Solo, an attempted revamp of Google Glass for April Fools' Day in 2014. It was a monocle with a lanyard, and it addresses the problem of social ostracism. It could also be tucked under your waistcoat pocket for lordly discretion.

Sony Vaio Q - the world's smallest Ultrabook

Sony introduced in 2012 a new addition to the VAIO line up. The computer was referred to at the time as the world’s most portable Ultrabook. It had a full HD 0.75-inch x 1.25-inch screen size with a "revolutionary feature set and monolithic design". Sony also said those looking to work on the tiny computer would get "exceptional picture quality in 2D and 3D with full graphics support". [youtube]9EuwsDChLDU[/youtube]