Houses of Parliament - New Digital Director

December 14th, 2014

Parliamentary Digital Service

The government has formed a new digital group called the Parliamentary Digital Service ( PDS ) which will bring together two current groups called the Parliamentary ICT (PICT) and the Web and Intranet Service (WIS). This new team will be headed up by ex Royal Opera House CTO; Rob Greig who will be taking a rumoured £110,000 salary for the role. Greig’s job at the opera house as CTO was to oversee all digital development and technology, this will certainly have given him some experience but will it prepare him for working under the political spotlight in an age where failed public IT projects can become a big political football. The aim for Rob and his new team will be to bring the 2 teams currently in place under one umbrella. After a review by mySociety in March it was deemed the 2 team system was outdated and that all private and public information should be brought into one working group. The report suggested that all major websites now followed this trend and both the intranet and all public website information should now be brought into one technology platform. The report went on to state that Parliament’s website will no longer be split between intranet and public site, and this would fix the previous problems with doubling up on work and information becoming out of sync on the two platforms. Aswell, as Rob Greig the team will have 300 staff and a rather large £24 million general budget; this will naturally be used to cover the digital work for both the House of Commons and the House of Lords.Many companies may well be in a similar situation even some smaller enterprises may take this as a prompt to look into consolidating their digital technology. With the right IT support, software and planning the end result of having all aspects of IT under one umbrella can become a reality. It might be something as simple as moving to office 365 for a small business or it could be the creation of a dedicated IT team to work with outsourced support and move the company to the next level. Sadly not all companies have a budget of £24 million but the rewards of efficient and well run digital tools is certainly well worth investing in.