Paperless office, Endpoint protection & The budget...

March 15th, 2015

Pegasus & The Paperless office.

To help you move closer to the paperless office and support a mobile workforce, you can now e-mail payslips and P60s with Opera 3 Payroll. And it’s available as standard at no extra cost.The cost of printing and posting payslips, stationery and the admin processing time can be expensive for any business. Now there’s another option with e -mail payslips and P60s; at the click of a button, payslips and P60s can be delivered securely to the employee’s inbox as a password protected PDF document.##### Watch a short demo video here

    # Why choose Sophos Endpoint Protection?

Sophos Endpoint Protection is lightning fast, runs well on older systems, and updates quickly with low system impact. You don’t have to believe us – independent tests prove it, and our customers back it up. Better protection, better performance Independent tests from AV-Comparatives show that Sophos has one of the best performance impact scores in the industry. Sophos customers back up those test results with real-world experience. Sophos's lightweight agent and small definition updates (typically about 30KB) mean that initial deployment, updates, and daily use are super-fast and produce minimal overhead. And you get great performance whether you’re on Windows, Mac, or Linux. More reasons to choose Sophos Endpoint Protection If you’re looking to switch to endpoint protection that’s simply better, we give you five big reasons why you should consider choosing Sophos Endpoint Protection. Learn more about how you can secure your organization with protection that offers these benefits: 1. Innovative technology from an industry leader

  1. Lighting performance that won’t slow your users down
  2. Sophisticated simplicity – saves time and easy to manage
  3. User-based licensing to accommodate a modern workforce
  4. Flexible deployment – on-premise or in the cloud
To find out more about how to start using Sophos email; or call: 01179 23 1133

Budget 2015: a short review.

Making the headlines are the range of measures that came thick and fast towards the end of George Osborne's speech, such as a further increase in the personal tax free allowance to £11,000, a new fully-flexible ISA and the new first-time buyer bonus. There was mixed news for pensions however. The announcement from the chancellor of a reduction in lifetime allowance from £1.25m to £1m on pensions looks to me to be a risky way of dealing with long-term investment. It seems like the government moves the goalposts every year despite repeated warnings from ACCA and others that meddling with the pension pots of those who have been contributing to them for 30 to 40 years could have a hugely destabilising effect. On a more positive note, Osborne continued with the policy of greater flexibility for pensions by allowing the sale of annuities. The big challenge for the chancellor is to create a fair market for these sales. What the chancellor didn't make crystal clear was the tax implications of withdrawing a lump sum. There is the potential for a large number of people to get quite a shock when they find out they will have tax to pay on their money should they wish to get their hands on it. So close to the election it is unsurprising to see a Budget weighted towards personal finance, but there were a few new developments for businesses. However many of those filing paper self-assessment forms are self-employed people and those running small businesses which have been using the postal method for many years. They need to be given access to resources which help them move the process online to ensure they aren't left behind. ##### Read more here.