PC and Internet Hints, Tips and Tricks you may not know.

June 15th, 2015

PC and Internet Hints, tips and tricks.

  • Delete one word at One time by CTRL+ Backspace
  • To access your address bar directly: Press F6 or Ctrl + L
  • Visit google.com/sky to explore space
  • Ring your phone even if it is in silent mode, erase Data, or lock your smartphone remotely using Android Device Manager.
  • If your bored go to Google images and search Atari Breakout
  • Convert YouTube Videos to Gif by adding gif before yotube in url

  • Google Food Vs Food for comparative analysis
  • Play mp3, movie directly on chrome browser, Just drag files in Chrome Window
  • Bored Again.... Search the following words in Google, 'do a barrel roll', 'tilt', 'Google in 1998', 'zerg rush', 'blink html'
  •  Create a folder with the name given below and access everything.



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