TPS and the Law

September 15th, 2015

NFON TPS: Protection for your company.(image: 59e4fa1f9a752.jpg alt: Nfon_logo_type_small_cyan


Important TPS Facts:

  • All companies making outbound sales or marketing calls MUST use TPS checking
  • TPS is the only UK national 'Do Not Call' register
  • TPS is aligned with OFCOM and regulatory complaint
  • It is unlawful to make unsolicited calls

NFON TPS takes away the stress of compliance, the time of updating old call lists and human error. NFON TPS checks every dialled number against the live national 'Do Not Call' register and warns you before making the call.

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**NFON TPS Benefits:



  • Live updates with the national 'Do Not Call List'
  • Warns you before calling any number on the TPS register
  • Ensure you and your company are compliant and within the law
  • Protect against heavy fines
  • Reduce database maintenance
  • Cleanse call lists

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      The Telephone Preference Service or TPS has been making headlines, with several large call centres and charity organisations being caught at the centre of an investigation into cold-calling and TPS compliance. The risks associated with being found in breach of TPS regulations are clear, and would cause significant financial damage to any company that had a fine imposed against it.Often companies buy a set of data that has been cleansed and checked against the TPS register, this data is then used in later campaigns. The problem with this approach is telephone numbers are constantly being added to the TPS register, and  contact with these newly added numbers would be a breach of the TPS regulations.NFON TPS will make sure that dialled numbers are checked against the live TPS national database, ensuring you are compliant and within the law while at the same time protecting you from heavy fines and securing your ethical standing.NFON TPS is easy to activate and comes will little running or intial set up costs. Find out more about NFON TPS here.