Windows Hello

December 15th, 2015

Windows Hello says HELLO!

Windows Hello, part of Windows 10, is a new way to sign in to your devices, apps, online services and networks. Windows Hello is a more personal way to sign in to your Windows 10 devices with just a look or a touch. Working with a credentials technology called Microsoft Passport that’s easier, more convenient and more secure than using a password. You sign in with your Face, Iris or Fingerprint. There are no more passwords to remember! ##### The best thing is most PC's, Surface Pro 4's & Surface Books are already to use Windows Hello.

  ## How does it all work?

Windows Hello

Windows Hello introduces system support for biometric authentication – using your face, iris, or fingerprint to unlock your devices – with technology that is much safer than traditional passwords. You– uniquely you– plus your device are the keys to your Windows experience, apps, data and even websites and services – not a random assortment of letters and numbers that are easily forgotten, hacked, or written down and pinned to a bulletin board. Modern sensors recognize your unique personal characteristics to sign-you-in on a supporting Windows 10 device. ## How Secure is Windows Hello?

Very! Windows hello is vastly more secure than the traditional password protection. The identification data collected to sign you in isn't an actual image. It's a representation based on the unique qualities of your face, fingerprint or iris (more like a graph than an image). This data can't be used to recreate an image of your face, fingerprint or iris, and cannot be tricked with photographs or copies. For facial or iris detection, Windows Hello uses a combination of special hardware and software to accurately verify it is you – not a picture of you or someone trying to impersonate you. The cameras use infrared technology to identify your face or iris and can recognize you in a variety of lighting conditions. (image: 59e4fa232a018.jpg alt: WindowsHello

) Of course, convenience and simplicity should never sacrifice security and privacy. Windows Hello offers enterprise-grade security that will meet the requirements of organizations with some of the strictest requirements and regulations. It’s a solution that government, defence, financial, health care and other related organizations will use to enhance their overall security, with a simple experience designed to delight. Today, passwords are the primary method most of us use to protect our personal information, but they are inconvenient and insecure. They are easily hackable and even when complex they are not effective, but most of us want something easy to remember, so we either choose a simple password or end up noting it down somewhere making it less secure. And, to be truly secure, you need to remember dozens of passwords to login to your many devices and services. You may have seen recent press coverage about a single group collecting 1.2 billion user names and passwords from websites they hacked. This creates lousy odds in the hacker roulette for all of us as there are only about 2 billion people online today! ####

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