Bespoke Development


We work in partnership with a number of companies who have developed 100’s of applications, enhancements and utilities to work within or alongside Pegasus Opera. Below is a list by Pegasus module of some of the enhancements available.

Pegasus Opera 3 CLOUD 31

Pegasus Opera 3 Bespoke

Pegasus Bespoke Opera 3 CLOUD

Pegasus Opera Bespoke

Pegasus Opera 3 Bespoke 1

Pegasus Bespoke Opera 3 CLOUD 3

Pegasus Opera Bespoke 1

Pegasus Bespoke Opera 3

As well as the off-the-shelf bolt-ons, A major benefits of the Pegasus Opera3 is that AMA can modify or develop any part of the software, enabling a tailored solution to meet with your company's exact requirements.

Pegasus Opera Bespoke3

Pegasus Opera 3 CLOUD 1

If you have any Bolt-On requirments that arn't listed above please get in touch.

T: 01179231133