Reporting and Business Intelligence Software


Opera 3 Reporting and Business Intelligence Software

The suite of Opera 3 Business Intelligence and Reporting Tools provide you with fast and easy access to all your valuable company information when you need it.

Financial management systems contain mountains of information and the key to their success is getting access to that information and presenting it in a form that allows you to make the right decisions at the right time. Opera 3 incorporates a number of comprehensive standard reports and the ability to write ad hoc reports through the Reporter Application.

Opera 3 also provides you with additional tools that will revolutionise the way you access your company data...

Pegasus XRL

  • Easy access to Opera 3 data
  • Live seamless integration with Microsoft Excel
  • Save reports and refresh at a click of a button
  • Drill down and extract key information


Download our FREE Pegasus XRL guide here.

Watch our video showcasing the features in Pegasus XRL:

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Other reporting functionality

  • Standard reports from Opera 3 direct to Microsoft Excel
  • Design flexible views from each Pegasus Module and export to Microsoft
  • Bespoke reports can be produced using Crystal Reporting software

 Pegasus Dashboards

  • Visually stunning, graphical presentation of Opera 3 data
  • Key business data displayed in real time
  • User definable dashboards
  • Drilldown capability
  • Remote user access
  • Export to Microsoft Excel

Download our FREE Dashboards guide here.

Watch the video of Pegasus Dashboards in action:

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Pegasus Instant Messenger (PIM)

  • Pop up alerts to desktop
  • Generates reports, emails and information based on Opera 3 data