Pulse Printing

Opera & AMA Customers since Jan 2000

Established in 2000 and based in the United Kingdom, Pulse uses the latest formulating technology, raw materials and production techniques available to provide customers throughout the world with unrivaled product quality that allows its customers peace of mind in their production.

Pulse Printing Products have used AMA & Opera since their start-up in Jan 2000. Originally on Opera W or Opera Dos, the system has been upgraded when needed. The first upgrade from Opera W was in early 2006 just when a huge increase in business arrived due to a major competitor falling into administration. Opera 2 was then installed. Opera 3 was later implemented in 2010.

Ben Rew manager at Pulse Printing Products says “As a system we believe Opera 3 works best for our needs, due to its ability to grow with our requirements. 90% of our business in on the manufacturing side and we find BOM as a module is by far the best type of ‘ingredients’ module of those that people have said they’ve used. As this will no doubt tell you is that along with sales ledger and purchase ledger, this is the largest module used on site.” …

“We have found that Opera is very capable of giving the information as required whether it’s a report in a certain format or something much more complicated. But, as with any operating system its only as good as the information you give it. We have also had many additions made to our system using bespoke software, examples of this are consignment stock and currency exchange, both of which are used on a daily basis.”

“I wouldn’t have an issue recommending AMA or Opera to any company due to the flexibility of the system and ease of use. We have always had a very good back up from AMA and have used them since our start-up in”