Greentree Job Costing

If you’re looking to ensure that your business is the most competitively positioned it can be, Greentree Job Costing can help.

Job Costing

Get greater visibility and insight into your costs in real-time. This will give your business the agility to respond to customer needs before your competitors. If you want your business to be the most competitively positioned it can be, Greentree Job Cost can help.

Advanced Job Cost

Take job costing to the next level with Advanced Job Cost. This module provides additional functionality, with expanded levels of control for project costs, revenue and accountability. Having first purchased Job Cost, this will give you even more control of your profitability.

Greentree4Timesheets - Mobile

MYOB Greentree4Timesheets-Mobile enables you to record time against the work you are doing - as you are doing it - in the field. Designed specifically for mobile workers, it offers the greatest possible accuracy to capture and convert minutes worked, to revenue. No more lost minutes; no more lost income.

Structure jobs any way you want

You can set-up a hierarchical structure where multiple sub-jobs contribute to the profitability of a parent-job. Greentree’s project jobs are ideal for project-based businesses with complex needs where several divisions may be contributing resource to a primary contract. project jobs enables managers to track costs at the parent level or view the detail at the sub-job level if they wish.

The flexibility to pre-define the structure of a job and accurately define, capture and allocate costs ensures you have the optimum control over all aspects of work-in-progress.

Greater insight

To make all the sub-jobs even more visible to managers you can also use pre-defined templates with shared parameters and special numbering that differentiates jobs and activities from each other. For example, a specially numbered template might be used for a specific type of job which means that managers can make an enquiry about what type of jobs and activities are being undertaken, how often and for which customers. This makes it easy to see which jobs contribute the most to your bottom line.

Allocate & split costs

There are several ways in which you can set up invoicing within the job costing module that enable you to apply the most appropriate method to each customer. For example, if you have multiple customers paying a percentage share of a job, eg. warranty claims, you can invoice each individual customer using a feature specifically designed for this purpose. Your accountant doesn’t need to spend countless hours manually figuring out who pays what – the system does the number-crunching.


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