Greentree4 Capabilities

The next generation in business management & ERP software.

Accessed by both Windows client & browser, MYOB Greentree gives you the best of both worlds – established core functionality that drives your business engine backed by the new powerful browser-based capabilities outlined below.

Greentree4Sales - Mobile

MYOB Greentree4Sales -Mobile lets you take the power of what you can do at your desk with you everywhere. Fully enabled for desktop, laptop and tablet, Greentree4Sales-Mobile supports the sales process. Its pre-configured Workspace ensures the information a sales team needs is right there.

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-Works on desktop, laptop or tablet

-User-friendly work space

-Comprehensive functionaity

-Simple display of key data

-Tailored to work the way you work



Your desk is organised how you like it, so why should your screen be any different? With MYOB Greentree, what you need most will always be ‘top of the pile’; things that need your attention are flagged and Workspace ensures that you’ll never lose anything again.

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-Work it your way

-Drag & drop customisable work space

-Make changes easy

-Important items always in view

-Real-time alerts


Enterprise Search

From the merest scrap of information Greentree4’s Enterprise Search enables you to find what you’re looking for and configure the results into categories and indexes that make sense to you. Then you can further refine the results to find exactly what you’re after.                                                                                                                                                .

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-Configurable search

-Enter any string; get results

-Flexible search filtering

-Search in context

-Global database search



Automate tedious manual processes; slash paperwork, save both time and money! Greentree4 eDocs lets you convert received documents into executable electronic files - including expenses management. It’s never been easier to code, approve & reconcile your accounts & other documentation.

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-Slashes processing time

-Faster coding than keying

-More accurate coding

-Paperless approval

-No-cost remote approval



Flexi-Forms fit the way you work. We’ve removed the clutter; you lose no functionality but gain speed and accuracy through streamlined line entry, with consolidated fields and pop-up forms to guide you. They're smart too; information appears in context as you type with search-enabled fields that will automatically look for the right fit.

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Greentree4Timesheets - mobile

Greentree4Timesheets-Mobile enables you to record time against the work you are doing - as you are doing it - in the field. Designed specifically for mobile workers, it offers the greatest possible accuracy to capture and convert minutes worked, to revenue. No more lost minutes; no more lost income.

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Mobile Solutions

In today’s increasingly competitive and fast-paced marketplace customers demand rapid, accurate service together with reduced costs. When your business is already running lean and delivering quality results, what can you do to further increase productivity and service levels and even reduce costs?

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The functionality of Greentree is endless, other features include:

-Information Access & Reporting

-Business Intelligence

-HR & Payroll

-Deployment and Licensing Options

If you'd like to find out more about how Greentree can work for you and your business please contact and one of our helpful consultants will be in touch.


-Forms that work your way

-No clutter

-Delivers extra data in context

-Faster line entry

-Smart search



-Flexible and easy to use

-Summary statistics


-Reminders & alerts

-Universal connectivity

-Customisable look & function



-Works on desktop, laptop or tablet

-User-friendly work space

-Comprehensive functionality

-Simple display of key data

-Tailored to the way you work


Screen Designer

Screen Designer lets you tailor your business systems to fit the way your organisation works. You can alter the colours, terminology, layout and workflow to configure forms and screens across your organisation as well as for specific teams, individuals and devices. Click the links below to see how it will work for you.            .

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Service & Asset Management

Whether your organisation is grappling with internal service and equipment maintenance demands, or with providing services that meet customer expectations, your business performance can be eroded by missed service calls, overlooked requests, late maintenance, unscheduled downtime, cost overruns and potentially unbilled service delivery. Eradicate these risks with Greentree’s Service and Asset Management suite: all the tools needed to maximise service levels provided to internal or external ’customers’ and to effectively manage the diverse needs of plant and equipment maintenance. Greentree is a complete ERP solution which means all processes are automatically integrated with your other Greentree business functions such as purchasing, inventory, fixed assets and occupational health and safety.         .

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Customer Relationship Management

At the core of every business are the relationships between the organisation and its customers. When these are poorly managed your brand is damaged, you lose sales and miss new business opportunities.At the core

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-Streamline processes

-No special training

-Consolidate information

-Protect what's sensitive

-Work it your way



-Effective asset management

-Easy to manage multiple asset locations

-Track all asset events

-Asset classification

-Scheduled maintenance


Under the hood

After extensive research Greentree settled on HTML5 as the browser platform for its new Greentree4 capabilities. Combined with the visionary technology provided by Sencha and the very latest object based platform from JADE7, it creates a powerful “under the hood” combination to drive your business engine now and confidently into the future. Uniquely co-existing with Greentree’s Windows client access, you can run Greentree4 across a range of devices simultaneously; log in to your desktop, laptop and/or iPad seamlessly.


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