Greentree4 Supply Chain & Distribution

Driving sales by exceeding customer expectations is what great supply chain and distribution management systems are all about.

Inventory Management

Many businesses struggle to make accurate inventory forecasts, often resulting in excess inventory or running out of goods. These mismatches between plan and reality can be costly and severely impact on customer service.                                                      .

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-Full integration

-eBusiness  empowers users

-Mobile and flexible

-Future proof

-Effective warehouse management

-Easy barcode lable management


Sales & Delivery

Enable your staff to quickly, efficiently and accurately process sales orders in real-time as opposed to having them wasting valuable time and resources fixing problems and chasing orders.                                                                         .                                   .

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-Full integration

-Access information anywhere online

-Management of backorders

-Effective credit control

-Flexible invoices & packing slips



By tracking your commitments to suppliers as they are made, you can accurately track your cash flow requirements and reduce the potential for disputes as supplier invoices are received. Prices quoted at the time of ordering can be compared with the supplier invoice and quantities received can be checked against the original order.       .                                                                        

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Greentree4Sales - Mobile

Greentree4Sales -Mobile lets you take the power of what you can do at your desk with you everywhere. Fully enabled for desktop, laptop and tablet, Greentree4Sales-Mobile supports the sales process. Its pre-configured Workspace ensures the information a sales team needs is right there.

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Greentree’s WebStore module provides a secure, on-line solution that enables customers to browse illustrated product catalogues, check pricing and availability and enter orders. Customers have real time access to outstanding sales orders, plus details of their account status and transaction history.

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Retail - Point of Sale

Streamline your processes, for effortless communication with customers, and easily track and process all transactions. Individually configure POS stations and users around your sales process to achieve the flexibility you require.

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-Full integration

-Effective track and manage inventory

-Immediate live updates

-Standing orders

-Materials Requirements Planning (MRP)


-Works on desktop, laptop or tablet

-User-friendly work space

-Comprehensive functionaity

-Simple display of key data

-Tailored to work the way you work



 -Flexible connectivity

- Full integration with other Greentree modules

 -Online stock catalogue

- Easy to maintain favourites

 -Advanced product search

- Order processing


-Maximised data entry efficiency

- Easily set-up POS stations the way your business operates

 -Immediate access to sales, inventory and customer information across your business

- Improved customer service


Supply Chain

Meeting demanding lead times while maintaining optimal inventory levels can present immense challenges to purchasing and logistic departments. Greentree’s Supply Chain Management (SCM) modules ensures precision execution of the supply process, from request through to delivery. .                                                           .

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Material Requirements Planning (MRP)

Material Requirements Planning (MRP) enables you to balance customer demand, accurately forecast requirements, plan production with pin-point accuracy, and make last minute changes to a scheduled production run - without compromising core process.

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Equip your business to deal with the challenge of meeting customers' high demands with smooth running operations from Greentree.

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-Internet enabled

-Direct bottom line impact

-Immediate updates

-Enhanced control

-Integrated operations


-Plan production automatically and accurately

-Produce timely and competitively priced products

- Respond on the fly to production planning change requirements

- Automatically suggest and generate Factory & Purchase orders

 -Pro-active inventory management

- Improved business relationships

- Enable stakeholder participation

- Organisation-wide productivity improvements




Are your trading partners demanding you trade electronically? Can your business afford poor productivity through process inefficiencies and human error? Do you simply not have the technology needed to meet these key demands?

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Greentree4Timesheets - Mobile

Greentree4Timesheets-Mobile enables you to record time against the work you are doing - as you are doing it - in the field. Designed specifically for mobile workers, it offers the greatest possible accuracy to capture and convert minutes worked, to revenue. No more lost minutes; no more lost income.

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-Full integration

-Effective track and manage inventory

-Immediate live updates

-Standing orders

-Materials Requirements Planning (MRP)



-Flexible & easy to use

-Summary statistics


-Expense recording

-Reminders & Alerts

-Universal connectivity

-Customisable look & function


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