Sales used to be simple. We want to make it simple again.

Portable System

You can access all the functionality and information of Greentree4 seamlessly from your tablet or laptop on the fly, tailored to the way you work. Look up a customer; find out all the information you have on them in a few taps. Create a quote; track it through the warehouse and despatch. Check if it’s been invoiced. See who has and hasn’t paid you. When a customer calls, check if what they want is in stock and the available alternatives. See who you’re scheduled to visit that day and anyone you need to chase. And you still haven’t left the car. With Greentree4Sales you can keep on the move - your business system now travels effortlessly with you from desktop to tablet (or laptop) and back again.


Everything in Greentree4Sales has been tailored with the active salesperson in mind. We’ve configured the Workspace to work the way you do, reflecting key data you need to keep at hand. Choose to present the information as a badge or load into the Views Tray to keep in constant view. The badges highlight key facts such as overdue tasks and alerts across a comprehensive range of intelligence.


Quote Form

Greentree4’s quote form technology is impressive. Fields within the form are powered by Enterprise Search, so if you’re not sure of the product name you’re after, enter a close guess and the options start appearing. Select the product name and a full description and photos will appear alongside – so you know you’ve got it right. And as this is in real time, its status and availability will be 100% accurate – no more unfulfilled orders.

Sales View

This is your one-stop shop for an overview of the entire sales process. This is a screen that’s not just for the sales team. Anyone with an interest in the organisation’s sales performance or those in a sales support role will relish this complete picture of sales activity - the extent of what you can see will depend on your user permissions.

Tab across quotes, orders, packing slips and invoices to get a real-time snapshot of the status of any sale whether it has come in from your sales channel, your own sales team, as a phone order or via the internet. If a customer calls wanting to know where their order is at and everyone is at morning tea, you’ll be able to give them an answer. Simply tap or click to drill down into any of the information presented.

Leads & Opportunities

Most sales teams live and die by their pipeline. This screen gives you a great overview of all the live leads and opportunities assigned to you, highlighting action that needs to be taken and giving instant access to an identified opportunity should the prospect call.

Price and Availability

The Price and Availability screen details how much you charge for a certain product and what its availability is. Linked to customers, the pricing section does the thinking for you. It immediately picks up on any discounts awarded to a customer and calculates them against your enquiry – with adjustments for quantity breaks if required.

Relationship Centre

The Relationship Centre means just that. All information on an organisation and its related activities are available to you on one screen. This includes related details to past or future activities, and any communications you’ve had with an organisation. Never miss any important tasks, as you can easily access outstanding jobs that need to be followed up.


The organisation form is linked to Google Maps so you can match an address to a location in an instant. Any related financial information is summarised, with the ability to drill down into detail plus be alerted to issues such as late payments. The Sales Enquiry link similarly gives an overview of all open orders for the organisation (not just those driven by quotes) and can deliver the detail of their progress including pack, despatch and billing.


The ‘Contact’ screen gives you the same detailed one-screen view of a contact’s information as you get for an organisation - be they a customer, supplier or a prospect. It not only tells you who they are and where to find them, the embedded Google Maps gives you accurate directions to their door. Plus you can select the ‘Activity’ tab to see all the documentation associated to the contact, including invoices, receipts, credit notes, refunds and journals. Your instant access to their information will impress everyone you meet.


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