Greentree4Service – Mobile

Greentree4Service-Mobile is designed by service staff to work the way they think and act. No matter what type of service your organisation provides, Greentree4Service-Mobile works it your way in the field or back at the office.

It’s the latest of Greentree’s next-generation browser-based products, with functionality that continues to grow to meet your expanding business needs. You get to combine back room capability with full-on, in the field access for your staff.

No more waiting. No more duplication. Immediately you’ll see less errors being made and better service-levels delivered.  As Greentree4Service-Mobile is browser-based, you’ve anywhere, anytime access with the ability to use it across different devices, at the same time.

Your Greentree4Service-Mobile Workspace is populated with badges focused on service delivery and management.  Simply click on a badge to get an expended summary view in an easy-to-use work panel. Close the panel and you’ll still see key notifications and alerts, making sure you never drop the ball.

Currently featured in Workspace


Organisations Everything you need to know about your customers and suppliers in one searchable location.
Contacts Capture all of your contact information, including tracking activity and embedded Google Maps functionality to make every contact easy to find.
Relationship Centre Keep track of historical and future events along with all of the activities that relate to your customer and supplier organisations.
Service Calls and Requests Manage your day on the spot; prioritise unallocated work then track each job as it is completed and moves seamlessly through to invoicing.
Assets View the equipment your customer owns including its service history.  The record is automatically updated as work is completed.
Timeline  Never miss an SLA or regulatory requirement.  All the key times and dates are locked and loaded.  Use the Approvals and Alerts engine to build in reminders.



Prioritise your jobs as you go.  Shift around work allocations and manage workloads to ensure minimum downtime and maximum output.  You can see at a glance the work that is assigned to you and what is sitting in a queue waiting to be allocated.

You can just focus on your own work queue or, if you’re managing others, track the work across your team or company. And because Greentree4Service-Mobile is fully integrated with your Greentree financials, as soon as a job is completed you can push it through for invoicing.  Improved work flow as well as improved cash flow.


In a single view you can keep track of all the assets owned by each and every customer.  You will be able to instantly identify the asset you are servicing, access any associated documentation including the historic service records. It cuts down on the service time and cuts down on the error rate. You can update the record while you’re on the job meaning that you’re up-to-date all the time, every time.


A significant amount of service work is based upon established service-level-agreements. Managing the response deadlines on each job is critical to being SLA compliant. The Timeline panel gives you visibility of the deadlines and commitments against each job as well as tracking your work against them. Use Greentree’s Approvals and Alerts engine to escalate reminders so you never miss a deadline again.


Also included in your Greentree4Service-Mobile product are core-capabilities that can be found across  Greentree4 browser-based product modules.  For a more detailed description of what they do for you, visit the Greentree website >

Organisations: Everything you need to know about customer or supplier organisations on one panel.

Contacts: A complete view of contact information.

Relationship Centre: A consolidated view of information relating to an organisation including its activities.

Enterprise Search: A comprehensive search engine for all your Greentree data

Flexi-forms:  Enables you to customise forms for teams or individuals to fit different devices and working-styles

Zone: One stop access to critical information and alerts


What Greentree has developed today is very much a starting point for the capability that’s coming.  But for many organisations today’s Greentree4Service-Mobile delivers the core functionality your field service teams need to deliver exponential benefits to your staff and customers from day one.