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IT Consultancy Pegasus Opera

It is easy to take your IT system for granted – only when something goes wrong do you become acutely aware of it. However, just because it operates adequately, or if you’re used to its limitations,doesn’t mean the performance couldn’t be improved. If your IT system worked better for you, your whole business would be better equipped to succeed.

This is not just about upgrading your hardware or software (although this may help) but about integrating and customising different elements to add the most benefit to your business.

That’s where our consultancy expertise will prove invaluable. We’ll get a full understanding of what you do, how you like to operate, and create the tailored IT solution that serves your needs best. It’s a holistic approach that not only looks at your immediate technical requirements but also considers your broader business objectives and longer term aspirations.

With our experience, knowledge and more detached viewpoint we can see beyond your immediate requirements – when we say we “make IT work for you” we’re not just talking about getting it to do what you want today, we’re talking about solutions that also enable you to achieve your business objectives in the future.


AMA offer a wide range of comprehensive training options to allow your users to develop the skills they require to operate your Pegasus or KCPoS systems effectively. Training for your employees can be tailored to their individual needs and will improve their ability to operate the system and ensure they make the most of the investment you have made in your Accounting, EPoS or CRM system. We are experts when it comes to Pegasus Opera training.

Examples of courses held:

  • Pegasus Opera Hints and Tips
  • Business Intelligence and reporting with Pegasus software
  • Crystal Reporting
  • Pegasus CRM for Sales People.
  • Payroll
  • KCPOS tills


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