By using ROADS or ROADS Lite software alongside Pegasus Opera, your business will immediately become more efficient and profitable. ROADS enhacements can provide you with the power and flexibility to cope with the demands of an intensive telesales, order processing and distribution process within your business. ROADS is designed to make Tele Ordering and Distribution easy. It  enables you to be more productive, responsive and efficient from the initial call to the final delivery of your products with features including:

  • Call Scheduling by Operator
  • Template Orders
  • Reason Codes for No Orders
  • Dual Quantity e.g Units/Kilos
  • Associated Items
  • Superseded Items
  • Batch Traceability
  • Daily Rounds and Routes
  • Global Special Offers
  • Order History
  • Special Customer Pricing
  • Account or C.O.D
  • On-Screen Picking List
  • Despatch Confirmation
  • Delivery Note
  • Sales Invoice
  • Waybills
  • Cash Sheets
  • Extensive Sales Analysis
  • User Defined Reports

Why Choose ROADS or ROADS Lite?


Easy to use - ROADS is an intuitive package that sits inside Pegasus Opera 3 and so it extremely flexible and easy to use. It provides the ideal environments for a sales team either receiving or making customer calls.

Call Lists - Within ROADS  these define who is to be called, and when, and by whom. The call lists can be seasonal to cater for businesses that for example may rely upon tourism or generally need to control changes in levels of trade throughout the year.

Template Order - these hold a list of what the customer normally buys and links to customer specific price lists. New items can be added to this list during order entry.

Rapid Order Entry - This has been designed so that it is similar to entering data onto a spread sheet. The order screen can use the template as its basis but can also include previously ordered items as well as adding anything on an ad hoc basis from the stock file. It has also been designed to cater for dual quantities (e.g units and weight) to cater for businesses that sell such items as meat, fish, cheese, vegetable etc.

Sales History and Pricing - The order entry form can show up to 16 weeks/deliveries for each line, and shows the last price paid. At the foot of the order entry form are special offers that are available to all customers within a range of dates, and therefore show as a prompt to the telesales operator.

Maximise Sales - With ROADS you can have a list of Associated Items so that the telesales operator can maximise the sales opportunity. Examples could include batteries for torches or sauces for meats.

Picking and Delivery Process - Any stocked items can be batch traceable and include Use By and Sell By dates. The picking process allows the users to either automatically pick from the oldest batch first, or they can override this and select the batched themselves. Once an order has been picked, ROADS allows the production of Round Loading Lists, Delivery Notes, Sales Invoices, Drivers' Waybill and Cash Sheets for COD customers. Alternatively, ROADS Lits utilises standard Pegasus Opera 3 Sales Order Processing

Minimum Requirement - the ROADS system requires the following Opera 3 standard modules to be present: Sales Ledger, Sales Invoicing and Stock Control. ROADS Lite also requires Sales Order Processing. Other modules can be added as required.



Telesales and Order Processing operatives become frustrated with the constant switching of screens to identify previous buying patterns, order frequency and individual customer pricing. The entry of a sales order can also be cumbersome and slow in many order processing systems. Picking against batches and organising the collation of customer orders can often be time consuming. Giving the drivers clear and concise delivery documentation is essential to ensure that the customer receives the right goods at the right time.
ROADS and ROADS Lite provides the tools to address the deficiencies found in many other applications and to streamline your telesales and order processing operation from the initial phone call to the final delivery of the products. Backed up by the Pegasus Finance and Stock ledgers, a unified and simple interface is provided to address your needs and requirements.


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